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How Resilient are Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures to date. And one of the most popular questions that women ask includes “how long will my breast implant last?” Read on for some answers for you regarding breast implants and their longevity.

Type of Breast Implants

Today, two of the most popular breast implants used are saline and silicone implants. Saline implants are made up of a silicone shell and filled with a saline solution, while silicone implants are made of a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel.

One common question that many women have regarding breast implants is whether to choose silicone or saline. The right implant for you will depend on many factors such as personal preference, desired results, and the surgeon’s recommendation. While saline implants are available for women 18 years and older, silicone implants are approved for women who are 22 years and older.

How Long Do Implants Last?

While breast implants are meant to last a long time, they are not intended to be lifetime devices. That means that women with silicone implants must undergo regular MRI scans to ensure that the implants are still intact. Most patients will need an implant replacement sometime over the next 10-15 years.

How Resilient are Silicone Implants?

With the many improvements in silicone implants over the years, they are now very resistant to deflating, rupturing, and leaking. In fact, one form of silicone implants called “gummy bear” implants can hold their shape even when the shell is opened and squeezed!

Saline implants, on the other hand, are more likely to rupture than silicone implants. However, if saline implants were to rupture, the saline filling would simply be absorbed by the body with no dangerous side effects. It is also very easy to detect a saline breast leak because the implant will deflate.

Overall, breast implants are long-lasting and much more resilient than in years past. To learn more about breast augmentation and breast implants in Cleveland, contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Husni.