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Know Your Facts: Silicone vs Saline Breast Implants

When considering breast augmentation, Cleveland residents will want to take the time to learn about both silicone and saline implants. Naturally, both of these options have key features which make them a viable choice for any woman. Allow me to explain some of the key facts about these two types of implants:

Breast Implants in Cleveland, OH

Key Facts About Silicone Implants:
– They are approved for women age 22 and older.

– They are made of a thick gel which feels much like human tissue. Many people will agree that when it comes to breast augmentation, Cleveland women get the most natural feel possible by choosing silicone.

– The edges of the implants are usually undetectable, making them a popular choice among women with a small or petite frame.

– There is almost no risk for rippling.

– Medical experts recommend an MRI every two years to confirm there hasn’t been a major rupture.

– They are available in different shapes and sizes.

Key Facts About Saline Implants:
– They are approved for women age 18 and older.

– The outer shell, which is made of silicone, is placed without any filling. Once positioned in the ideal location, it is filled with a sterile saline solution to get the desired shape and size.

– If a leak should occur, the saline is naturally absorbed and disposed of by the body without causing any harm.

– The incision made during surgery tends to be very small.

There are also a number of similarities between these two options. For example, both silicone and saline implants may be placed above or below the muscle during breast augmentation. Cleveland women will want to discuss what’s best for their body with their surgeon.

Another similarity between the two is that the results can be absolutely incredible. What matters most in undergoing an enhancement like this is to feel confident in your surgeon’s capabilities and discuss your desired outcome in detail before going into surgery. With your vision clear in my mind, I’ll be able to help you achieve the curves and volume you’ve always wanted.

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