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Breast Implants Lifespan

Breast Implants in Cleveland, OH

breast augmentation with breast implants can give women long-lasting results for larger, rounder breasts and the confidence they deserve. Today’s implants come with stronger shells and fillings giving them a long lifespan, but you shouldn’t expect them to last forever. Know when and why you should have your breast implants replaced.

Implant Ruptures

Having your implants replaced decreases your chance of experiencing a rupture. Today’s implants have more durable shells and stable gel fillings, making your risk of a rupture only one percent more each year. This means that after a decade, there’s still only about a ten percent chance of a rupture. If you have saline implants, you should notice a rupture very quickly as it deflates, and the saline solution is safely absorbed by your body. For silicone implants, a rupture can be more difficult to detect on your own, so it’s important to maintain regular checkups to make sure your implants are still intact.

Changes Overtime

Like natural breasts, your augmented breast will change with time. A weight change, a shift in hormones, or an increase in skin laxity can result in breasts that require an implant replacement or a lift if you choose. The implants themselves can go through changes by shifting or developing ripples. This would require a replacement to restore their best shape and structure.

Life After Implants

When you go in for a breast augmentation with implants, you should expect to attend regular follow up appointments to check for any signs of a rupture or other changes. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll never see your plastic surgeon again after your procedure! That is why it’s important to maintain a relationship with your trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon. It is also recommended that patients have an MRI three years after their procedure, then every two years after that. An MRI can detect leaks that a doctor can’t during a physical exam.

Talk with your plastic surgeon about the lifespan of your implants and how to detect when you might need a replacement. You can contact our office for more information or schedule a consultation with Dr. Husni.