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Your Plastic Surgery Questions, Answered.

Plastic Surgery in Cleveland, OH

It’s no surprise that plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio are flooded with questions about the many procedures we offer our patients. Naturally, a lot of people we talk to want to know about the options that can help them look younger, gain more desirable contours, or address unattractive physical features that may have bothered them for years. Men and women today have more options than ever before, with modern technology leading to innovative procedures that can offer a solution to all of these issues.

If you’ve often wondered about the surgical options available to you, check out these helpful FAQs:

What is plastic surgery?

This term covers a vast amount of procedures designed to reshape a part of the human body. Both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries fall within this vast field.

Is it covered by insurance?

In most cases, reconstructive surgery is considered a medical cost and is covered by insurance. Cosmetic procedures completed by plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio, however, are considered elective and are rarely covered by insurance.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate?

There are many factors that come into play in determining if you’re a good candidate for any given procedure. It’s important that you have generally good health, an overall positive self-image, and realistic expectations about the surgery outcome. Plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio or elsewhere will always advise that you schedule an appointment to discuss your medical history in order to confirm you are a good candidate for surgery.

How much work will I have to miss?

Recovery for every procedure is different. In some cases, you’ll need to miss just a few days of work, while other surgeries will require a longer low-activity period in which your body can fully heal. Your recovery period depends on the type of procedure and your body’s individual response to surgery.

Can I do anything to make recovery easier?

Yes, patients can certainly help ensure a smoother recovery! It’s imperative to follow the recommendations provided by your surgeon, including regulating your diet and fluid intake and limiting physical activity for a set period. If you’re a smoker, plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio will always advise that you quit the habit prior to surgery.

If you’re considering a surgical procedure for 2015, I’m sure you have other questions! I encourage you to give us a call. I’d be happy to schedule a private consultation to talk about your personal beauty goals and answer your questions in greater depth.