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What You Should Know About Halo™ Laser

Halo™ Hybrid Laser in Cleveland, OH

You might have heard about Halo and how great it is, but it can be hard to distinguish what makes it different from other laser treatments on the market. While its effectiveness and great results set it apart, there are some other things you should know about why Halo is different.

Twice the laser power

While most laser treatments are either non-ablative (meaning it doesn’t remove skin) or ablative (meaning it does remove skin), Halo contains both types of laser energy. Typically, the former type is absorbed through pigment in the skin where it destroys the associated cells and they peel off soon after. The ablative type is used in laser peels or resurfacing procedures, which stimulate the growth of new cells. This means you get double the effectiveness with Halo, and an all-in-one solution to your toughest problem areas.

Limited downtime

While laser resurfacing procedures can be known for their extensive downtime, Halo gets the same results with less recovery because of its use of non-ablative technology. Doubly-effective results with only a few days of healing mean this procedure is highly efficient and a great option for those with limited schedules looking for effective skin rejuvenation.

Deep treatment

Halo uses highly-advanced technology to target the deep layers of the skin where certain conditions can exist and be resistant to treatment. Ablative lasers can only go so deep without creating a risk for infection, hyperpigmentation, and photosensitivity, while non-ablative lasers can require weeks or months before the problem areas rise to the surface of the skin and are removed. With its dual treatment system, Halo can offer the best of both worlds and be highly effective against sun damage, pigmentation, unfavorable texture and tone, scarring, and fine lines.

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