What Should I Ask During My Breast Augmentation Consultation?

By on November 16, 2018 under Breast Augmentation

You might be excited about a breast augmentation procedure but aren’t sure what questions to ask about it. That’s okay— there can be an overwhelming amount of information available about breast augmentation and it can be difficult to know where to start. One important thing to do during your consultation is ask questions, so here are some to consider.

Am I a candidate?

Even though you might have your eye set on breast augmentation, not everyone will benefit most from this procedure. It’s important to do your research about some of the things that might prevent you from having a successful procedure, like medical conditions or your aesthetic goals. Be sure to be honest with Dr. Husni about these factors, because he can professionally recommend the best procedure for you if breast augmentation is not your best option.

What results can I expect?

It’s also important to be honest about what you want to achieve with breast augmentation so that Dr. Husni can discuss whether your goals are reasonable. Although you might want a certain size for your results, Dr. Husni can assess whether it will work best with your anatomy or not. Other factors like cleavage, nipple position, and projection can be altered with breast augmentation, but only within your existing anatomy. Make sure that you and Dr. Husni are on the same page when it comes to your final results.

What techniques are best for me?

There will be a lot to decide during your consultation, which will include your implant type, size, placement, and surgical techniques. Again, your anatomy is one of the biggest determiners of these factors, so Dr. Husni should assess what the best methods are for you and your goals. Even deciding on an implant can be a difficult and confusing process, so be sure to allow Dr. Husni to guide you to the right one.

What qualifies you for performing this procedure?

One of the most important steps in undergoing plastic surgery is determining the best plastic surgeon for you. The process of deciding this can require some research, but you should always start with determining whether your plastic surgeon is board certified and with whom. You should also ask for credentials and how long your plastic surgeon has been practicing. You should also seek out their gallery of before-and-after photos to see how skilled they are in your chosen procedure. These can help you determine how reputable your plastic surgeon is. As with many other things, quality comes at a higher cost with plastic surgery, so your cost should never be the biggest determiner of your chosen plastic surgeon.

These are only a few questions to include in your list, but it’s important to do your research before your consultation so that you can have a fruitful conversation. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Husni, contact our office by calling or filling out our online form.