What Cosmetic Issues Can Rhinoplasty Correct?

By on December 22, 2015 under Rhinoplasty

A woman shows off her rhinoplasty results - Dr. HusniWhether big or small, upturned or straight, your nose is your most prominent facial feature. Smack dab in the center of your face, it is often the first thing people notice about you. When balanced and symmetrical, your nose naturally complements the other features of your face. But when your nose is crooked, oversized, or oddly shaped, it is often the only thing people see. It’s no wonder hundreds of thousands of Americans get rhinoplasty each year.

The Procedure

As an experienced plastic surgeon, I have performed many rhinoplasty procedures. All of them involve the sculpting of the cartilage and bone in the nose to achieve a certain look — which is why rhinoplasty is also known as nose reshaping.

Specific Goals

Because the goal of rhinoplasty surgery is to create balance and proper proportion, anything that gets in the way of that must be addressed. Here are the most common problems nose reshaping is used to correct:

– Bump on the bridge of the nose (dorsal hump)
– Crooked or off-center nose
– Elongated nose
– Drooping, protruding, bulbous, or enlarged nasal tip
– Nostrils that are overly flared or pinched
– Asymmetries due to injury
– Wide nose
– Downward or upward (retroussé) sloping noses
– Unappealing nose-lip angle

Parting Advice

As you may have noticed, rhinoplasty can address most of the issues you might have with your nose. But it is important to note that nose reshaping is generally considered to be the most difficult procedure in cosmetic surgery. More art than science, a skilled plastic surgeon can shape a nose almost exactly as he/she described in the initial consultation. On the flip side, a doctor who does not have much experience may deliver less than stellar results. That is why it is extremely important to find the right surgeon.

Although training is imperative, it cannot and should not be seen as a substitute for experience. In other words, you want a surgeon who has performed hundreds, even thousands, of rhinoplasty procedures over many years.

When done correctly, rhinoplasty surgery can greatly improve your facial appearance.