Understanding Breast Augmentation Cost in Cleveland

By on February 14, 2018 under Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

Understanding Breast Augmentation Cost in Cleveland

The cost of a breast augmentation can stop some women from receiving the enhancement they need for a healthier, more confident lifestyle. Understanding what fees you can expect and why can help you feel more comfortable with the financial aspect of your breast augmentation in Cleveland.

Average Breast Augmentation Procedure Cost

The cost for your breast augmentation procedure will vary depending on your surgeon and location. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for a breast augmentation procedure was $3,719 in 2016. You can keep this number in mind when budgeting your procedure, however, remember that the cheapest option might not be the best or safest option.

A Cleveland plastic surgeon bases their prices on experience, the type of implants they use, and the technology/equipment they have available. Paying more for your breast augmentation the first time can save you money on a revision surgery or implant removal in the future, and might even save your life! You should always choose a qualified, board-certified surgeon who you feel comfortable with, regardless of the cost.

What Other Fees Can I Expect?

Along with your procedure fee, the cost of your breast augmentation might include anesthesia fees, facility costs, medical tests, post-op garments, prescription medications, and a surgeon’s fee. Remember, there is a lot that goes into ensuring a safe and effective breast augmentation procedure!

Will Health Insurance Cover it?

Most health insurance plans do not cover breast augmentation because it is performed for cosmetic purposes, not medical reasons. However, it is helpful to review your specific insurance policy before having your procedure. Most cosmetic surgery can be financed through companies, like CareCredit, to help the procedure become more affordable.

The cost of your procedure can be gone over in more detail at your initial consultation. To schedule your appointment with board-certified surgeon, Dr. Husni in Lyndhurst, OH, contact our office today!