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Take Care of Problems that Arise After Major Weight Loss

Body Contouring in Cleveland, OH

Congratulations! You’ve lost a lot of weight and uncovered a newer and healthier version of you. That’s wonderful. In order to really appreciate the work that went into reaching a more healthy weight, you may need plastic surgery to tighten your skin. Whether your weight loss came about from dieting and exercise or from a surgical weight loss procedure, body contouring can be used to improve your overall shape and tone by removing the excess skin that often sags after fat is gone.

When fat disappears the skin that once covered it often has difficulty bouncing back, which can result in unwanted appearances such as:

  • Sagging under arms
  • Hanging breasts with downward pointing nipples
  • Excess skin around the waist
  • Sagging around the buttocks, groin and thighs

When these symptoms occur, exercise and a continued healthy diet may not be enough to remedy the problem. Surgical body contouring can help. By completing various plastic surgery procedures the body can regain its smooth lines and soft curves. Breast lift surgery can improve sagging breasts. If you have embarrassing sagging then an arm lift procedure may be right for you. Or, perhaps a thigh or body lift is needed. There are many options and combinations available, with the result being a body you can be proud of.

To determine the appropriate forms of body contouring for you, talk to a plastic surgeon today about your options. As with all surgical procedures there will be a period of postoperative recovery. This will vary depending on how many operations are included in your body contouring procedure.