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Stubborn Thigh Fat Can be Battled with New CoolSculpting® Technology

CoolSculpting® in Cleveland, OH

The inner thighs can be a stubborn area of the body to fight fat with just diet and exercise alone. With a new FDA-approved procedure called CoolSculpting, patients can achieve a smoother, toned appearance to the inner thigh area within approximately four months.

The procedure is non-invasive so recovery time is very short. The biggest side effects reported include short-term numbness or tingling in the area treated. Some patients report minimal bruising but very few have any pain associated with the procedure.

The process involves a small suction-type device that extracts heat from the area, essentially “freezing” the fat cells beneath the skin. This kills the fat cells and your body will recycle the dead cells through normal elimination processes.

An added benefit to CoolSculpting is that the normal healthy cells that surround the fat cells are not destroyed or damaged in any way. This contributes to the quick recovery time, and it also means you can re-treat areas without concern if your doctor thinks you will see additional benefits.

It’s important to note, just as with liposuction or other fat-reducing techniques, it’s imperative that patients begin a healthy diet and exercise plan to maintain the positive results they get from treatments.