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Should I Get Breast Implants?

Breast Implants in Cleveland, OH

If you’ve started to consider undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, you’ve probably been a little overwhelmed at how much information exists on the different types of implants and techniques. However, a difficult question to find the answer to is “should I get breast implants?” That’s because the decision can be a highly personal one that can have a very different answer for each person. You can use the following questions to guide your decision-making process as you continue to research and choose a plastic surgeon.

Why do I want to augment my breasts?

This might be an easy answer for some and a more difficult one for others. You might be set on having implants but are stumped when it comes to why (and your plastic surgeon will definitely ask!) If it’s to impress someone else or because someone close to you has been pressuring you, these can be red flags. Your plastic surgery results should primarily make you happy, which shouldn’t rely on affirmation from other people. A surgical procedure on your body is a big step, after all, and can be costly and permanent.

Are breast implants right for me?

Although you might want breast implants, not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Certain things can disqualify you, like being unable to undergo surgery or having future plans for pregnancy and nursing. You should carefully look at what your plastic surgeon determines is candidacy and be sure to bring up any problems that might be related so that you can both be open and honest about your options, which might include alternatives like fat grafting.

Am I ready for the commitment?

Breast implants have a long history of safety and effectiveness, but they don’t come without a commitment to ensure you stay healthy and risk-free. You’ll need to commit to learning about the different types of implants, incisions, and techniques, as well as taking time off to recover. Certain types of implants, like silicone gel implants, can require regular MRI checkups to detect any ruptures. You might also require a correction surgery or have them replaced after a certain amount of time. These are things to discuss at length with your plastic surgeon to make sure you fully understand your decision.

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