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Seven Myths About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that alters the proportions of the nose to fit the face or correct nasal defects that may impair breathing. There are some rhinoplasty myths, however, and among them are the following.

Rhinoplasty is Covered by my Insurance Plan

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is not covered by insurance. However, any portion of rhinoplasty that addresses a functional component of the nose—such as breathing through a deviated septum—may be covered by your insurance plan. Check with your insurer to be sure.

Any Plastic Surgeon Can Perform a Rhinoplasty.

Not true. When one or two millimeters can mean the difference between success and failure, the ideal surgeon is experienced in otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and a recipient of accredited fellowship training in facial plastic surgery. As a result of this practical experience, the surgeon understands the aesthetics of the nose and face, as well as such functional components of the nose as breathing, sinus issues, and sense of smell.

All Rhinoplasty Surgeons are the Same

This is another of the rhinoplasty myths. In fact, a premier rhinoplasty surgeon must grasp the nuances of facial and nasal harmony and infuse his work with intense attention to detail. A poorly-conducted rhinoplasty looks like the nose has been altered, with some features slightly disturbed or out of place. In contrast, a successful rhinoplasty looks natural, freeing an observer to appreciate the patient’s nose, eyes, skin, and smile without distraction.

Any Nose can be Duplicated

The patient must be realistic about his or her possibilities. Each face is unique, personal, and distinctive. Brad Pitt’s nose will not enhance the face of every man—and duplicating it is not even achievable. The corrected nose is tailored to match the patient’s face, ethnicity, and persona.

Rhinoplasty is for the Wealthy

Not so. The median income of most recipients of aesthetic surgery is $50,000 or less, and most surgeons offer payment plans suited to the patient’s financial situation.

Rhinoplasty is for the Vain

This ranks among the most common rhinoplasty myths. In fact, most people undergoing rhinoplasty are merely seeking a harmonious relationship among their nose and facial features. In many cases, they have endured unsettling attention to their nose or have sustained a nose injury.

Anesthesia is Dangerous

Wrong. Anesthesia is extremely safe, even for the ill and elderly. The risks of extended complications are very rare.