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Secrets From Your Plastic Surgeon: Getting Beautifully Smooth Skin This Summer

Plastic Surgery in Cleveland, OH

Plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio have many tips to help patients get sexy, smooth skin for all of their body parts.

•        Hands – Exfoliating dead skin cells on a regular basis is a first step. Find a moisture rich lotion or cream specially made for hands.

•        Neck – This area has very thin skin that doesn’t respond to the same type of treatments that patients get for their faces. Many products designed for the face are just too aggressive for the delicate skin of the neck. Let your doctor and esthetician guide you.

•        When Shaving – It’s best to shave at the tail end of your shower so your pores are open to give you a cleaner shave. Don’t use bar soap when you shave (or shave dry!), it’s best to use a good quality shaving gel. Also, be sure to moisturizer after the shower for soft skin.

•        For Cellulite – There are several different laser and other treatments available with good plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond. But there is no sure-fire cure for cellulite, unfortunately. A healthy diet and routine exercise is always recommended.

•        Feet & Nails – Take a break from your regular pedicures and manicures, give those nails a chance to breathe. While showering, use a nature pumice stone and treat yourself to an at-home spa treatment with exfoliating scrubs and moisturizing masks.

•        Overall Skin – Talk to your skin doctor about the moisturizing products offered that contains special vitamins, minerals and acids that can help fight the aging process.

•        Natural Glow – Skip the tanning salons and instead try one of the new self-tanning products on the market. Exfoliate before using these products for an ideally even application.

•        Sagging Skin – Incredibly innovative steps are being taken by plastic surgeons in Cleveland, OH, and beyond, trying to counter excessive skin sagging. Skin Tyte is a new light therapy treatment meant to firm sagging parts of the body, leaving a much younger and fresher look to your skin. Consult a professional physician about this procedure, as it is an affordable option for most people.