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Rhinoplasty is the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedure for People Under 35

Young people are choosing surgical methods of enhancing the appearance and opting for nose reshaping in record numbers, according to data released in 2014 by Harley Medical Group. With just under 150,000 procedures performed annually, rhinoplasty continues to surge in popularity. According to United Healthcare, cosmetic procedures that reshape the nose have become the most popular plastic surgeries with people under the age of 35. Rhinoplasty can be chosen for a variety of reasons and can be used to repair common medical issues or to give a patient a whole new look.

Rhinoplasty in Cleveland, OH
“Cosmetic procedures that reshape the nose have become the most popular plastic surgeries with people under the age of 35.”

What is Rhinoplasty?

This cosmetic procedure gently reshapes, re-proportions, or repairs your nose using surgical techniques. An expert plastic surgeon can make sure you end up with an enhanced appearance that you’ll love by working with you to understand your goals and explore your options. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the procedure can be used to change the appearance of your nose or to resolve a medical condition.

New Nose, New Look

One of the reasons rhinoplasty has become so popular is the huge impact that even a minor change can have on overall appearance. People under 35 who want to get a fresh new look but don’t want to have extensive surgery are opting for minor tweaks and changes to the nose. This popular surgery grew by 2% in the last year among people aged 22 to 35, with patients citing its availability and affordability as the primary decision-making factors.

Not Just Cosmetic

Not every patient who benefits from this procedure is doing so to create a new look. While many patients do choose rhinoplasty for purely cosmetic reasons, a deviated septum is the most frequently used medical reason for nose surgery. A deviated septum is a physical malformation of the nose and nasal cavity, and the breathing problems caused by this condition can be corrected with surgery.

If you decide to explore rhinoplasty for either cosmetic or medical reasons, we can work together to choose a look you’ll love.