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Men Get Plastic Surgery Too

Plastic Surgery in Cleveland, OH

Popular culture tends to paint plastic surgery as something that applies to females only. Our society seems to believe that only women feel the need to look beautiful and feel like their best selves. This conception makes it difficult for American men to even consider plastic surgeries that might just end up improving their self-image and the quality of their lives.

In recent years, more and more males have been taking advantages of the plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio to tweak their appearances. Nationwide, cosmetic procedures for men aren’t as rare as you might think. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that over 800,000 men underwent a cosmetic surgery in 2011 – more than twice as many men as in 1997.

There’s no reason men should be stigmatized for wanting to accentuate their features and feel more confident in their own skin. It’s only magazine covers and Hollywood that seem to think it’s unnatural, that cosmetic alterations are only for women. The male figure has its own specific features that demand upkeep, and a man’s lifestyle can often require looking good to get ahead.

There are a variety of procedures to help men attain the figure and look they desire. I can sharpen jawlines to create a male-model look, which can increase you confidence in your business and social life. I can also perform a liposuction that brings six-pack definition to your abdomen. For men reaching middle age, I can provide small eyelifts and facial recontouring to keep you looking like your youthful, handsome self.

Gone are the days where cosmetic surgeries are a female pursuit. Plastic surgeons are stocking their waiting rooms with Sports Illustrated and Esquire instead of just Cosmopolitan and Vogue. As more men turn to surgery, they’ll find that they can reach new heights in personal confidence and success.