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How to Tell Your Family about Your Planned Plastic Surgery Procedure

It’s common to feel nervous about telling your family about your plastic surgery. I advise my patients that you may be surprised how supportive friends and family will be about a procedure. Honesty is always the best policy, but learn how many details you should give depending on the age of a family member.

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“You can feel confident about explaining your decision to others.”

An Empowering Feeling

Many patients proceed with reconstructive surgery because of an intense desire to feel happy and satisfied with their personal appearance. After reconciling these feelings within yourself and deciding to proceed with a procedure, you can feel confident about explaining your decision to others. Wanting to feel attractive and comfortable about your appearance is nothing to feel ashamed about, and making the decision to achieve this goal can feel empowering for many people.

Your Personal Comfort Level

What you share with other people originates with your comfort level. Explore your feelings about the procedure to determine how much you wish to share. You may decide that you want to let others into the process by sharing information freely. You could also opt for a more private approach by sharing few details. Either approach is appropriate, depending on your personal wishes.

A Word About Children

I counsel patients to approach children a little differently when telling your family about your plastic surgery. Very young children may just need you to tell them that you have a “boo boo” that is healing, and you will be fine in a short time. Older kids will need a few more details about the procedure. You may also need to have a frank discussion about body image, especially with girls. Explain that you want to feel as good about your appearance as you can, but that your looks don’t have anything to do with the person you are inside.

While telling your family about your plastic surgery can be challenging, honesty and openness should help you have a positive conversation.