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How to Prepare for A Smooth Surgery Day

Plastic Surgery in Cleveland, OH

Finally, it’s here. You are going to have the breast implant surgery you’ve always wanted. To prepare for your surgery, follow these tips and don’t be afraid to cash in on favors you’ve done for your family and friends. Preparing ahead of time will ensure your surgery and initial recovery go smoothly.

Make a mental list of your responsibilities. If you have children or pets, secure some help with taking care of them for the first few days. Don’t forget to tell your job that you will be out of the office. Know who is dropping you off and picking you up from your surgery. On the day of, wear comfy, loose fitting clothing that open in the front and do not drink or eat anything.

Stock up on pillows, keep your phone and laptop chargers nearby and create a recovery station with lip balm, water, baby wipes and lotion. Don’t forget food! After your get your breast implants your body will be sore and you won’t want to spend time in the kitchen. Make sure you have easy to prepare or pre-prepared meals available at your house. Don’t forget water, and lots of it. Canned peaches and prune juice help counteract the constipation caused by the medication used during and after surgery. Follow these guidelines and the doctor’s orders and get ready to enjoy your new figure!