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How Does Pregnancy Impact Breast Implants?

Breast Implants in Cleveland, OH
“I am happy to say that yes,
in fact, implants will not affect
your pregnancy”

Many patients come to me with questions about pregnancy and breast implants. How will they react to the changes to my body? Will it affect breastfeeding? I am happy to say that yes, in fact, implants will not affect your pregnancy and rarely will it inhibit a woman from breastfeeding.

What to Expect

It is common for a woman’s breasts to become larger during pregnancy. This happens as a result of elevated estrogen and progesterone associated with the pregnancy, which also has a connection with increased bust size. Some expectant mothers experience an increase of up to a full cup size while others have more modest increases.

Minimizing Issues

I advise my patients that they can play a part in minimizing negative issues. Physicians recommend a standard weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds during gestation. If your weight gain is within this range, it’s possible to avoid some potential issues that could occur with pregnancy and breast implants.

After Weaning

Many mothers experience natural shrinkage after weaning a baby. When this happens, the breasts will go back to their original size. Often your pre-pregnancy appearance will return without any significant issues. However, you may notice a deflated appearance and some sagging.

Potential Solutions

Gaining too much weight quickly during pregnancy could cause ptosis to occur.  This sagging might require special surgery to lift the bust after delivery, called “mastopexy.”

It’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen with pregnancy and breast implants. I always advise my patients to pay attention to their weight gain, wear a supportive bra, and continue exercising throughout gestation. After weaning and allowing breasts time to go back to their original state, patients can determine whether they have issues to address.