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Go From Sawing Wood to Sound Sleep With Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in Cleveland, OH

Sleep apnea and snoring are not only inconvenient for loved ones trying to get a good night’s sleep. These sleeping disorders can have dire health effects on the one who suffers from them. From shortness of breath all the way to premature death, these conditions are unhealthy, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. Thankfully, a simple medical procedure may be the treatment that permanently eliminates snoring, sleep apnea, and breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty, while generally used for cosmetic reasons, can also be a viable treatment for breathing problems, including those that cause sleeping disorders. This cosmetic procedure, combined with nasal septoplasty (deviated septum repair), can improve a patient’s breathing ability by improving nasal airflow. It is actually quite common for different areas of the nose to collapse including the bridge, the sidewalls of the nostrils, as well as other cartilage-heavy areas. This collapse causes nasal passages to significantly shrink, which makes breathing more difficult. It also is a precursor to snoring as well as sleep apnea, where a person completely stops breathing for countless times throughout a sleep cycle. Sleep apnea is nothing to ignore as it is linked to both high blood pressure and heart disease.

The best way to repair a collapsed part of the nose is through rhinoplasty. The functional rhinoplasty procedure will release pressure in the upper airways of the nose, bringing both increased oxygen intake and comfort to the patient. The surgery will also help with fatigue as those suffering from breathing problems not only receive more oxygen but also enjoy nights of uninterrupted, healthy sleep.

Rhinoplasty, of course, can have many cosmetic benefits as well. When the surgery is done for health reasons, doctors will take the opportunity to make sure that the nose not only is correctly shaped for easier breathing, but also that it seamlessly fits the general contours of a person’s face. Rhinoplasty could be a life saving procedure for certain patients. Anyone with breathing or sleeping problems should find out if the surgery is viable for them.