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Four Helpful Tips for Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

Each year, millions of people seek to improve their appearance through plastic surgery. If you’re one of those millions, it’s imperative to find a physician whom you can trust to not only give you the look you want, but also keep your health in mind. Here are some key components to consider during your search for the right surgeon:

Board Certification: When you choose a doctor who has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, you can feel confident that they have been exposed to extensive training beyond what they received in medical school. There are additional oral and written exams that must be passed. Don’t allow anyone without these credentials to perform any sort of plastic surgery procedure.

Experience: It’s true that all doctors have to start somewhere. However, you’ll want to know how many times he or she has performed the procedure you’re considering. What’s especially important is whether or not any special training is required for a particular technique or technology. The more experience and training, the better you should feel regarding your doctor’s competence and your potential surgery results.

Check for complaints: Most state licensing boards allow you to check for malpractice complaints and possible disciplinary action. Don’t hesitate to check the history of your doctor before making a final decision.

Communication: At your initial consultation, you should feel at ease when asking questions. Additionally, your doctor should be very comfortable addressing any concerns you might have. A good bit of advice would be to bring along a family member or close friend who has your best interests at heart and can ask questions you might not think about.

If you follow these basic guidelines when searching for someone to perform plastic surgery, you can go into your procedure feeling great about the choices you’ve made together.