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Early Research Suggests Botox Can Help Individuals Fight Depression

Botox® in Cleveland, OH

Across the United States, including here in Cleveland, plastic surgery continues to be a popular option for men and women of all ages. Patients seek help dealing with physical issues ranging in scope from slightly bothersome to debilitating in nature. Botox, a commonly used muscle relaxer that is injected directly into the targeted area, is one solution that an increasing number of people are pursuing. Its benefits are numerous, with clients experiencing no down-time following the injections while seeing results quickly.

Many people choose to receive Botox injections to address wrinkles between the eyebrows and moderate to severe crow’s feet lines. The injectable prescription drug works wonders, and for lots of people, a visit becomes part of their normal beauty regimen every three to six months.

However, new findings indicate that Botox does more than reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make clients look more youthful. Early research suggests that it can also help people suffering from depression. One specific study showed that nine out of ten patients reported fewer signs of depression after receiving Botox injections. The reasons behind the lessened feelings of depression may be linked to the surveyed people smiling more, which could lead to more positive interactions with others. Facial expressions are communicated with the brain and influence emotion, so smiling more can actually lead to a happier outlook in general.

Despite this interesting news, more research is still needed before Botox can be considered a major part of an anti-depression plan for residents in Cleveland. Plastic surgery continues to develop over time, and its many benefits on human behavior and quality of life shows promise for a bright future in bettering our lives.