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Common Misunderstandings about Breast Augmentation & Lift

Breast Augmentation in Cleveland, OH

Many patients in the Cleveland, OH area who are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts choose to undergo breast augmentation and lift, also called augmentation mastopexy. Breasts can lose their fullness and begin to sag after pregnancy, weight loss, or simply from the effects of aging and gravity over time. Despite breast augmentation and lift surgeries being quite common among patients, there are some misunderstandings about this surgery. Realizing these misconceptions can help to ensure your breast surgery is successful.

Common Misunderstandings of Breast Augmentation and Lift

Common Misunderstanding: I will only need to undergo one surgery to see results, since I am selecting to have a breast augmentation and lift at the same time.

To Clarify: When two specific procedures are combined, in this case, one that increases the size of the breasts but also lifts them, diminishing the droop, it can be problematic to try and achieve optimal results in one surgery. If patients have a huge amount of breast sagging, better results may be seen if the procedures are staged, letting your body heal between. Staged procedures can also lower many risks, including skin breakdown, decreased nipple sensation, or total loss of the nipple.

Common Misunderstanding: I will not have any scars on my breasts, since the incision will only be around the areola.

Because no two women have the same size or shape to their breasts, different incisions are often needed for each individual procedure. Breasts that have more sagging will usually require more incisions than breasts with less sagging. During your consultation, it is imperative to discuss your main surgery goals with your surgeon and have any questions you may have answered. It also will help determine if you only need one procedure, choosing between a breast augmentation and breast lift

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