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Combining Rhinoplasty With a Chin Implant

Rhinoplasty in Cleveland, OH

A patient who has decided to undergo plastic surgery might consider the possibility of having more than one procedure at a time. Patients who are unhappy with the size or appearance of their noses might also notice that their chin sizes are disproportionate to their other facial features. Consequently, it may be beneficial to consider rhinoplasty and chin augmentation at the same time to resolve both issues simultaneously.

Overview of the Issues

Changing one feature of the face often leads to an imbalance of other features. Instead of just recontouring the nose, both procedures would enable the surgeon to resculpt the facial planes to ensure that everything fits together in both size and shape. A chin enhancement also enhances the results of the rhinoplasty as both features become harmoniously proportionate. Surgeons call this combination of procedures “profileplasty.”

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

The technical term for this plastic surgery is “mentoplasty.” While it may seem that the nose is the central focus of the face, the chin has a significant impact as well. A disproportionate size at the bottom of the face can make a nose seem smaller or larger. A small chin actually makes the nose seem large, and vice-versa.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Adjustments to the nose do not have to be significant to have a major impact on appearance. Even just smoothing out a contour or changing the tip to make it slightly upturned can deliver big results. Recontouring can also improve breathing function, allergies, and even issues with vertigo for some patients.

Patients should consult with a plastic surgeon to determine whether profileplasty is an appropriate option to achieve goals. We always take the time to educate patients about plastic surgery options before recommending specific procedures. With careful preparation and exploration, patients should succeed in achieving the goals they seek for their appearance.