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Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Breast Augmentation in Cleveland, OH

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon can make your breast augmentation procedure a safe and effective one, but a healthy recovery will require some preparation on your end! Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your breast enhancement recovery.

Find Some Friendly Help

No matter how independent you may be, you can’t expect to go through your recovery alone. Your plastic surgeon can help you in the office, but you’ll also need a close friend or family member to take you home and care for you for at least the first day or two. After your surgery, you won’t be able to lift anything over 20 pounds, so if you have small children, you’ll want someone to be at home to care for them while you focus on healing.

What about Post-Op Pain?

Pain is Expected – But Manageable

A lot of women are worried about the pain that comes with recovering from a breast augmentation procedure. The amount of pain you experience will depend on your pain tolerance, placement of your implants, and the techniques used during your procedure. No matter what, breast augmentation in Cleveland is a surgical procedure, so some pain should be expected, but completely manageable! In fact, many women only need prescription-strength pain medication for the first day and choose to switch to an over-the-counter pain reliever after that. Make sure you get your prescription filled before your procedure so it’ll be ready for you when you get out.

Give Your Body What it Needs to Heal

Our bodies are excellent at healing themselves, but you can help the process by giving your body what it needs. This includes a lot of rest and sleep. You might feel well enough to start walking as soon as the second day of recovery, but plenty of rest is required while your body is healing. Having movies and books or magazines to read in bed can help you avoid getting bored and being tempted to move around too much.

You’ll also want to have healthy meals available that aren’t difficult to make. You might want more bland foods in the beginning as some women feel nauseous from their medication. Make sure you have extra nutritious foods and plenty of water to give your body what it needs to recover properly.

For more information on breast augmentation and how to have a happy, healthy breast augmentation recovery, contact our office today!