Botox Bluffs: Busting the Myths about Botox

By on April 3, 2014 under Plastic Surgery

Botox Myths Image - Neo Aesthetic InstituteWe’ve all heard them. Tell a friend you’re planning on getting Botox and they might list off rumors they have heard on this or that website, or a horror story from the depths of a gossip magazine. Before you get your procedure, it’s important to know the truth and fiction about this popular procedure.

The number one myth you will hear is that Botox leaves you expressionless. There’s no shortage of punchlines in movies where a recent Botox patient is mocked for being unable to smile or do much more than blink, but that’s far from the truth. Injecting too much Botox can have an effect on one’s facial expression, but this is an extreme case scenario. Regular Botox procedures require injecting very small amounts of the solution into specific facial muscles–not indiscriminate application that minimizes expression. Applications by qualified, professional plastic surgeons leave patients with a natural look free of unwanted lines and wrinkles, without sacrificing expression.

Number two: Botox is for the rich and famous. There is no doubt that the most talked about and examined procedures are those performed on celebrities who are constantly under the spotlight, but Botox and other plastic surgery is normal among those of us who don’t spend our nights on the red carpet. Procedures are dropping in price, making them increasingly accessible to regular people.

Number three: Botox is only for women. Not true! Men make up about ten percent of cosmetic surgery patients and plastic surgeons commonly perform Botox procedures on men as well as women. If you have more concerns about Botox, address them with your plastic surgeon during consultation, but don’t be scared off by myths.