5 Ways to Keep Your Hands Looking Younger

By on July 24, 2014 under Plastic Surgery

Young Hands - Dr. Husni

There are many procedures available from plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio to combat those pesky signs of aging. But when it comes to your hands, there are easy maintenance procedures you can do that don’t require surgical intervention.

•        One key to keeping hands young looking is deep moisturizing. Look for lotions and creams that are formulated specifically for hands.

•        You can make an effective exfoliating and moisturizing scrub at home with salt and olive oil. Use equal parts of each and gently massage into your hands. Allow mixture to sit for a while for maximum benefit and then wash off with fragrance-free gentle hand soap.

•        Sun is actually one of the primary reasons the skin on our hands starts to age earlier than the other skin on our body. Find a hand cream that includes a sunscreen to use daily or add your regular sunscreen to your hand cream for a dual fighting agent.

•        If you spend a lot of time in your car, a pair of driving gloves might be a good investment. The sun coming in through your windshield is a direct target for those delicate hands.

• Keep quality cuticle oil on your hands, and apply it every day. Healthy cuticles will combat the aged look around your nail beds.

If your hands are very sun-damaged or appear “bony”, fillers and laser treatments can make a huge impact on your hands’ appearance.

Plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio may also have prescription-strength products to help combat aged, dry or raw hands.