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5 Things to Do While You Recover from a Mommy Makeover

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You made the decision to have a mommy makeover. Though there are many resources that discuss procedures and decisions leading up to a mommy makeover, what about recovery? Responsible recovery ensures that the results from a mommy makeover will last long-term and reduce the likelihood of complications.

How Much Time Will Recovery Take?

As mothers, we are very anxious to get back up and going. Yet, the key to obtaining desirable results from a mommy makeover is to take it easy. Short-term recovery can take 7-10 days, with long-term recovery lasting weeks or months. Mommy makeovers are usually considered outpatient surgeries, which means much of the recovery is done at home.

Tips for a Smooth Recovery

Seek Help from a Family Member or Friend for Care-Giving Services

Directly after surgery help will be required for even the smallest tasks. Depending on the procedures that have been performed, the patient movement will be restricted to varying degrees. Pain medication that is administered and prescribed will completely eliminate some activities and may induce drowsiness or nausea. Daily tasks, such as showering, eating, and dressing, will require assistance. As recovery progresses, independence in health and maintenance routines will return.

Adhere to Post-surgical, Recovery Medical Recommendations

When a mommy makeover has been completed, the patient will be held in the hospital or center for monitoring for a period of time. The patient will be released with a caregiver as soon as certain measurements are met, such as coherence. After leaving the facility, continued medical care will be necessary at home. Regular medication administration, dressing changes, and incision care will be required for daily tasks. The patient’s healthcare provider will require periodic check-ins both by phone and in person. Any questions or concerns can be referred to as the facility or surgeon’s staff.

Have Realistic Mommy Makeover Expectations

While every patient heals at a different rate, a general set of guidelines for healthy recovery will be provided to each patient. General information includes:

  • Two weeks of close monitoring will be required.
  • 24-72 hours of pain medication will be administered and/or prescribed
  • Acceptable to return to work in 5-10 days
  • Bruising is normal for 1-3 weeks and swelling for 2-8 weeks
  • Liposuction area (if applicable) will be numb for 1-3 weeks
  • No swimming for 3 weeks after the surgery
  • No alcohol or cigarettes for 2 weeks after the surgery
  • Compression garments should be worn for 3-6 weeks after the surgery

Though recovery recommendations will vary, the aforementioned list is typical among surgeons across the nation. These guidelines will facilitate recovery and minimize the risk of complications.

Create a Schedule for Recovery

A patient’s surgeon and staff, like the Dr. Husni and the professionals at Neo Aesthetic Institute, can help create a schedule for recovery requirements. Plans for a caregiver to be present for several days after the surgery, scheduling someone for transportation, making work and childcare arrangements, and attending all post-op appointments are crucial. Creating a schedule will ensure that no detail is forgotten and will ensure a smooth recovery.