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5 Fun Questions About Plastic Surgery Answered Honestly

Plastic Surgery in Cleveland, OH

For questions about plastic surgery, Cleveland residents can rely on me to answer with honesty for even seemingly funny questions.

Q2: If I get cheek implants, could they move into a different part of my face?

A2: Actually, yes. Cheek implants have a tendency to shift, even as far down as your mouth.

Q3: I’ve heard that plastic surgeons can take skin from other body parts like my bottom, and use it on your face to make it appear younger. Is this true?

A3: No, but as another plastic surgery, Cleveland patients could have fat taken from that area to be placed in the face as a filler to smooth wrinkles.

Q4: Is it possible to get addicted to plastic surgery?

A4: Sadly, yes. Most of the addicted patients are suffering from very poor body image and they tend to have unrealistic views of their various body parts.

Q5: Do men have plastic surgery?

A5: Absolutely. The most common procedure is liposuction.