Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)

in Cleveland, Ohio at Neo Aesthetic Institute

Thigh lift surgery is an aesthetic body procedure that improves the contours of the thighs for a slim and natural appearance. Sometimes called “thighplasty,” thigh lifts are popular for patients who have experienced major weight loss and want to finish improving their appearances. Because thigh lift and other body lift surgical techniques have been being practiced since the 1960s, plastic surgeons understand the way fat and skin are structured in the body and have the ability to restructure them into aesthetically appealing forms.

“My outcome was awesome. Dr. Husni is tremendous and I couldn’t be happier. I got everything I expected and more! I knew exactly what to expect and what to do post-procedure. Everyone is knowledgeable, professional, and informative. They also make you feel at ease. The consultation, preparation, procedure, follow-ups and everything down the road was perfect!!”

Verified Patient

Though most people who wish to proceed with thigh lift surgery will be those who have experienced significant weight loss, thigh lift surgery can also benefit other people who wish to improve the aesthetic appearance of their bodies. These include those with naturally occurring skin laxity, mothers after the birth of their children, and people experiencing skin laxity due to natural aging.

It is important for the patient to have a clear vision of what they want the surgery to do so that the surgeon can determine whether the surgery is feasible, and, if so, what the proper procedures and techniques are to produce the desired results.