Privacy Policy for Cleveland Cosmetic Surgeon

In order to improve NEO Aesthetic Institute’s website and to better tailor it to meet its customers’ needs, NEO Aesthetic Institute gathers certain types of information about its customers to improve marketing and promotional efforts, to statistically analyze site usage, to improve content and product offerings and to customize NEO Aesthetic Institute’s website content, layout and services. This may include aggregated information such as the number of “hits” the Company’s website receives in a day.

NEO Aesthetic Institute may use some of this information to deliver helpful information to its customers, which may include new services and advertising and promotions that are targeted to its customer’s personal interests. In addition, NEO Aesthetic Institute may use a customer’s email address, and phone number to contact him or her regarding administrative notices, new product offerings, and communications relevant to the use of the website. However, a customer may elect not to receive some of this information by notifying the company via email or by telephone at NEO Aesthetic Institute’s main office.

NEO Aesthetic Institute does not sell or rent any personally identifiable information about its customers to any third party.


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