Dr. Husni wants to be transparent about our pricing. Here is a list of our pricing for our most popular procedures. These prices include all pre-operative and post-operative care, as well as implants and surgical garments. The facility fee and anesthesia fees are additional. They run between $1500 and $5000 depending on the length of the procedure.

*The following price list is only a guideline, individual costs may vary.
**Pricing is subject to change
***Multiple procedures are discounted

Breast Augmentation $3,400.00
Breast Implants $1,300.00 -$2,300.00
Breast Lift $4,500
Breast Reduction $5,000.00
Male Breast Reduction $2,000.00
Facelift $5000-$6000
Rhinoplasty $4,500.00
Eyelid & Brow Lift $2,750-$3,600
CoolSculpting® $550-$700 per area
Tummy Tuck $5,000.00
Liposuction $950-$2,000 per area
Mommy Makeover $6,000 and up
Brazilian Butt Lift $3,000.00 and up
Thigh Lift $3,500-$4,500
Upper Arm Lift $3,000.00
Botox® $12.50 per unit
Dysport® $5.50 per unit
Restylane® $550 per syringe
Restylane® Lyft $650 per syringe
Restylane® Silk $650 per syringe
Juvéderm® $335-$600 per syringe
Radiesse® $250-$750 per syringe
Sculptra® $750 per syringe
Belotero Balance® $650 per syringe
Kybella® $600 per vial
Chemical Peels $125 -$275
Deep Cleansing Facial $75
Forever Young BBL™ $250 and up
Forever Clear BBL™ $250 and up
Halo Hybrid Laser $1500 and up
Laser Hair Removal $100 and up
Laser Skin Resurfacing $250 and up
Microneedling $275 and up
Permanent Makeup $200 and up