Dr. Nicholas Husni is a board-certified surgeon with vast experience in the cosmetic industry. He offers his patients from Richmond Heights exceptional results and unparalleled cosmetic care. You can be assured of the use of latest cutting edge technology at Neo Aesthetic Institute in Cleveland which allows us to offer our patients safe and effective procedures. It is our aim to help all our patients look and feel their best. During your consultation, Dr. Husni will give you enough time to understand your specific concerns so that we can personalize a treatment plan for you. We believe every patient is beautiful and unique in their own individual manner and this helps us to customize the treatment so that we can help our patients achieve consistently stunning results.

You can choose from the latest procedures in facial surgery, breast enhancement, body contouring, medical-grade skincare peels and facials, injectables and nonsurgical procedures at our center. Whatever your cosmetic goals may be, Dr. Husni will explain all your options in detail and help you achieve your desired appearance.

Breast Enhancement Procedures

Our patients from Richmond Heights seeking to enhance the shape, size or appearance of their breasts can achieve stunning results with the range of latest breast procedures offered at our center. Women experience several changes to their breasts, especially due to pregnancy and breastfeeding or massive weight loss that leaves the breasts with lost volume, sagging skin or asymmetrical contours. Dr. Husni offers his expertise in augmentation, lift and reduction procedures. Men who suffer from gynecomastia or enlarged breast tissue can also benefit from the reduction procedure. Here are the breast procedures our patients from Richmond Heights can choose from:

Facial Surgery Procedures

There are several reasons why you may experience signs of aging on your faces such as age, genetics, sun exposure, and other environmental factors. If the wrinkles and lines on your face are making you look tired and older than your years, affecting your self-confidence, it is time to consider a facial rejuvenation procedure. Dr. Husni has been helping thousands of patients regain their rejuvenated youthful appearance using a range of personalized treatments. You can benefit from his expertise if you wish to change the appearance of your nose or refresh drooping eyelids. Here are the options available to our patients from Richmond Heights:

Body Contouring Procedures

Even those who are fit and at their ideal weight may suffer from fatty deposits in different areas of the body. This fat is stubborn which does not give in to diet and exercise even affecting body contours and consequently self-confidence. Life events like pregnancy and massive weight loss also leave people with excess skin that cannot be eliminated merely with exercising. Dr. Husni can help you achieve a toned appearance that allows you to enjoy your body. There is a range of surgical and nonsurgical procedures that can be customized to suit the individual needs of our patients. Here are the choices available to our patients from Richmond Heights to help them achieve a slimmer and toned appearance:


Dr. Husni offers a range of injectables to suit the specific needs and cosmetic goals of our patients. His vast experience allows him an unparalleled understanding of the different injectables and he applies this knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the different injections to ensure you get the best results without having to undergo a surgery. Depending on your individual skin and cosmetic requirements, different injectables work best on different parts of your face. Dr. Husni is committed to the appropriate use of injectables and travels the country training fellow surgeons and dermatologists to ensure they are aware of the best practices on their optimal use too. Whether you are looking for neuromodulators to reduce the lines and wrinkles or wish to augment an area with dermal fillers, we have a wide range of choices for you. Here are the options for our patients from Richmond Heights:

Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

When you are looking for cosmetic enhancement but do not want to undergo a surgical procedure, there are nonsurgical procedures you can choose from with Dr. Husni. When struggling with stubborn fat in different areas of your body like the tummy and chin area, we can help you with nonsurgical ways to reduce the fat. Our patients from Richmond Heights can achieve a rejuvenated appearance with these procedures:


Aging brings several undesirable changes with it such as pigmentation, laxity of the skin and wrinkles. You may find these signs of aging on different areas of your body like the face, neck, chest, hands or arms. Additionally, factors like sun exposure and smoking can speed up your aging. If you appear older than your years, Dr. Husni can help you with noninvasive procedures that give you stunning results without the discomfort or downtime of a surgical procedure. Our patients from Richmond Heights can benefit from these skincare procedures:

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