Dr. Nicholas Husni is a board-certified surgeon who has the expertise and surgical skills to offer exceptional results to his patients from Beachwood. The  Neo Aesthetic Institute in Cleveland is sought after for its cutting edge technology and safe and effective procedures that help you look as good as you feel. When you schedule your consultation at Neo Aesthetic Institute, Dr. Husni spends sufficient time with you to understand your specific issues and cosmetic goals. This helps us to develop a customized treatment plan to suit your specific needs. We believe that every patient is uniquely beautiful, and our personalized treatments help enhance your natural beauty so that you can achieve natural-appearing results.

Our patients from Beachwood can choose from the latest range of surgical procedures such as facial surgery, breast enhancement, body contouring and a variety of non-surgical treatments such as medical grade skincare peels, facials, and injectable fillers. Whatever your cosmetic goals may be, Dr. Husni explains your options in detail so that you can make a confident decision and be 100% satisfied with your results.

Breast Enhancement Procedures

Our patients who are seeking to improve the shape, size, volume or contours of their breasts can achieve beautiful and natural results with the range of latest breast procedures offered at the Neo Aesthetic Institute. Women see several undesirable changes in their breasts over the years, and these become more apparent after pregnancy and breastfeeding or due to massive weight changes. Dr. Husni understands how this can lead to loss of volume, sagging, drooping, or very large breasts that can make you feel less confident about your appearance. You can benefit from his expertise with different procedures like breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction that will help restore your youthful breast contours and give a boost to your confidence. Men who are struggling with gynecomastia or enlarged breast tissue can also benefit from the breast reduction procedure to get a toned chest appearance. Here are the breast procedures our patients from Beachwood can choose from:

Facial Surgery Procedures

Most facial signs of aging can make you look older than your years. There are several reasons for these aging signs including but not limited to aging, genetics, excessive sun exposure, other environmental damage, and even lifestyle choices like smoking. When you begin to see lines and wrinkles prematurely on your face, it can affect your self-confidence. Talk to Dr. Husni about the facial rejuvenation procedures we offer to eliminate these issues. We understand your specific requirements and cosmetic goals so that you can change the appearance of a feature or refresh how those drooping eyelids make you appear. Dr. Husni has the surgical and artistic skills to restore the healthy and radiant skin of your youth. Here are the procedures our patients from Beachwood can choose from:

Body Contouring Procedures

When struggling with stubborn exercise-resistant fatty deposits on your body, consider a body contouring procedure. There are many patients who schedule a consultation with Dr. Husni when they are unable to tone their bodies simply with diet and exercise. The body contouring procedures offered at Neo Aesthetic Institute help restore your youthful contours and boost your confidence. You may be suffering from these issues due to aging, pregnancy, or significant weight loss. Once we know your specific concerns, it helps us to customize a body contouring treatment plan that can combine different surgical and non-surgical treatments to eliminate excess skin and fat. Enjoy a slimmer silhouette and toned body with our unique techniques. Here are the body contouring options available to our patients from Beachwood:


Dr. Husni offers a wide range of injectables that can address a variety of specific needs and cosmetic goals of our patients. His expertise with different injectables allows Dr. Husni to apply this knowledge of their strength and weakness effectively to ensure you get optimal results without having to undergo surgery. He recommends different injectables for different parts of your face after a careful evaluation of your skin and once he has understood your cosmetic desires. Dr. Husni is committed to the most appropriate use of injectables and he travels through the country training his fellow surgeons and dermatologists about the subject. Whether you wish to eliminate the appearance of lines and wrinkles with the use of neuromodulators such as Botox or are looking to augment an area that has sunk in due to volume loss with dermal fillers, we assure spectacular and natural appearing results at Neo Aesthetic Institute. Here are the options our patients from Beachwood can choose from:

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Not all our patients seeking cosmetic enhancement wish to undergo surgery. If you do not require surgery at this time, talk to Dr. Husni about the non-surgical treatments offered at Neo Aesthetic Institute. We help you achieve a refreshed appearance without going through the discomfort or recovery time of surgery as well. Stubborn body fat can be eliminated with the effective CoolSculpting procedure that freezes your fat cells and offers you a shorter recovery and minimal downtime. Kybella is an injectable that we offer to get you a more defined chin area without surgery. Our patients from Beachwood can enjoy a slimmer and youthful appearance with these procedures:

Skin Care

With age comes skin changes such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and pigmentation. You may see these skin irregularities on your face, neck, hands, arms, or chest. If you feel that you look older than your years due to these changes, do not let it dishearten you. Talk to Dr. Husni about the various skincare treatments available at Neo Aesthetic Institute which can help restore the youthful glow and texture of your skin. Our patients can choose from a range of non-invasive treatments that offer no discomfort and minimal downtime even when you get dramatic enhancement. Here are the procedures our patients from Beachwood can choose:

About Beachwood, OH

Beachwood is a city in the Cuyahoga County of Ohio and a suburb of Cleveland. Since its development in the 1950s, Beachwood has remained a destination for the Jewish community in the Greater Cleveland area. Today, with almost 90% of the population of Beachwood being Jewish, the city has the fourth-largest per capita Jewish population of any municipality outside of Israel. The Jewish community is also reflected in the public schools of Beachwood, making them the only schools in the country to offer Hebrew as a foreign language. There are several retail attractions in Beachwood including Beachwood Place and the adjacent LaPlace Center. The city also has the Canterbury Golf Club, a USGA member course that has hosted PGA Tour events and has been ranked among the top 100 courses in the United States by Golf Digest magazine. It is home to Preston’s H.O.P.E., which is the largest fully accessible playground in Northeast Ohio. You can understand the Jewish immigrant history and culture in the U.S. at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage. You can also visit the country’s smallest National Memorial, the David Berger National Memorial which honors the legacy of Jewish Clevelander and Olympian David Mark Berger.