Brazilian Butt Lift

in Cleveland, Ohio at Neo Aesthetic Institute

The procedure commonly called a butt augmentation consists of using implants or fat grafting, and in some cases both, to expand on the size of the buttocks. If you are considering this surgery, there are a few questions you should ask yourself, the first being if you are a good candidate. Prior to knowing this, it is advised to have a clear understanding of what the surgery may entail. Along with that, familiarize yourself with the various techniques used, how to recover from the surgery, and what financing options you will have available to you.

“Very pleased with results! I went into the office to meet the doctor because I was so unhappy with my appearance and shape. I was immediately put at ease and we discussed options that were available. It has been over three years now and I am so happy I did!! At 51, I can enjoy life and feel better about myself!”

Verified Patient